Welcome to Anderson One's Tech Flex!

What is Tech Flex?

Tech Flex is a year long professional development course that consists of two 1 hour sessions per month from August through May. The sessions will be at 4 pm on the last Tuesday and Thursday of each month. They will be presented by teachers from our own district. Recordings of the sessions will be archived here.

How do I participate in Tech Flex?

Participants must enroll for each session via Coursewhere. Participants can earn up to ten technology hours by attending one session per month or watching a recorded session and turning in a reflection from the session.

How do I present a Tech Flex session?

Presenters will earn 10 technology hours by teaching a Tech Flex session. If you are interested in presenting please fill out this survey. You will be contacted if your session is approved to decide on a date and location. Presenters names will be forwarded to the district office so that credit is recorded.

For further questions contact Kristen Hearne, Monique German or Tamara Cox.

*This program was inspired by the Peter Township High School TechFlex program.